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Happy new year! I hope this one is a wonderful one for you. You know, I could’ve easily written one of those long new-years-resolution posts or what I’ve learnt throughout 2017 etc but I genuinely don’t feel like doing it like this. Instead, I will mention some of these things in one post.

What I’ve learnt in 2017
– it’s okay to sympathise with others and/or have empathy but don’t let people take advantage of this
– opening up to people is more beneficial than it is harmful because in the end you get to know yourself better … or a side of you that you never thought existed comes out and it’s a great one
– get out there and do something, don’t just talk about doing it

last sunset of 2017

New Year’s Resolutions
– learn how to budget and make conscious efforts to reduce the number of impulse purchases per month
– call mum more often (by this I mean more than twice a day)
– try to not take (as many) boiling hot showers
– meditate and fill that gratitude journal every day
– if anything or anyone feels off, just accept it and don’t force yourself to do things/communicate with (certain) people when you’re not feeling it
– have proper breakfast … at home
– dinner too
– actually make an effort to not wash colours with whites

What hasn’t changed
– I’m still in love with green olives
– sunsets and the moon still mesmerise me
– I still have a massive heart and I’m not afraid to show people I love them
– I still need two cups of coffee a day
– my mum is still and will always be my absolute best friend in the whole entire world
– my dog is the cutest … I’m absolutely sure yours is cute too but mine is 💞
– I’m still not a morning person

oh and i still absolutely love roses ♡


quick update + random facts about me

Guess who is home with mummy??? Me!!! Wow I missed my mum so much, even tho I last saw her in October. I thought by now I wouldn’t be bothered too much by how often I see my mum because I’m very independent, and also we have a great relationship despite me living abroad. BUT no … my mum is still one of my closest people, and when I see her I do realise I’ve needed it. Being home for a week is exactly what I needed ♡


Here are some random facts about me:

1) I put ketchup on anything and everything. Looots of it, but I’m very picky with brands, so I don’t eat just any ketchup.
2) I believe in the law of attraction; google Abraham Hicks for more information.
3) I create playlists on my Spotify based on my mood – I have a morning-wake-me-up playlist, a chill playlist, a going-to-bed playlist, a workout one, etc.
4) I love a good cup of coffee, and by this I mean a nice double espresso. I usually need two cups of coffee a day, one of which will have to be a double espresso. ☕️
5) Bags are my thing, along with trainers. You can never have too many!



📸 printing photos 📸

Lately I’ve been really into printing photos, even though I still like to have a bunch of pictures on my phone and computer. I love photos and I love taking them. It’s really important to me that I’ve backed up everything – my phone and computer, so nothing gets lost. I think another reason why I’ve grown to love printing photos is also because even if … God forbid something gets lost, I’d still have physical copies of my photos.

Here is some inspiration I’ve found on pinterest. I actually want to do a whole wall of pictures that I’ve printed. One of the options is framing a collage of photos like in the photos below, which were originally posted by blogger Negin Mirsalehi:

The other option is without a frame, which to me is the more creative idea because you can keep adding new photos and arrange them whatever way you want.

photo credits: pinterest
I guess I could easily do both – have a framed collage in the centre, and around it more random photos. I think this would work best for me because I can’t really choose which option I like better. I’m really excited to move to a new place and have it done 😇.



●count your blessings●


It’s friday night, and i had a really good day today. I was in a good mood the whole day, which resulted in me having an amazing day. I went to uni, met up with my friends, had a nice catch up with another one, and I’ve just realised that I’m beyond blessed with the people in my life. They’re all absolutely amazing! I’m so happy and grateful that I get to be surrounded by such wonderful beings 💖  I have work tomorrow, my deadlines for next week are trying to stress me out, but it’s not working, because I’m in such a good mood. hehe

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and please look around for things you’re grateful for. I promise you that once you start acknowledging them, and genuinely appreciating them, your life changes drastically in a really good way! xo



What a weeeek I had! Sorry for the late update on last week, but I’ve been going through things you know 🙃 last week was stressful for sure! I had to submit my dissertation proposal. I was feeling quite well and happy at the end of the week, especially after submitting that proposal, but since then I haven’t slept much. I’ve been going to bed so late, and on top of that there’s this other situation I’m dealing with, which makes me lose sleep twice as much :/

I finished my week in a really nice way tho, as I had dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while, so it was a great catch up, with a lot of insightful things said, and nice food. I had a burger because that day I was really craving mcdonalds but I decided not to go for it, so instead I went for this burger that was delicious 💖 We went to a place in Streatham Hill, called Perfect Blend, and I had a classic burger with fries and coke … of course.



Week 43

Hey everyone, the previous week has been quite uneventful tbh. I barely took any pictures. It honestly consisted of just work and uni, and sleeping LOL Third year is something else, I’m telling you. I promised myself I wouldn’t fall behind on readings and uni work, but here I am, fourth week of uni just ended and I’m already skipping classes and not doing my work.

ANYWAY I have to submit my dissertation proposal this week, and I’m feeling optimistic because I know what I want to do (even tho the idea is still not quite clear). I’m slowly eyeing and picking topics for my other projects and it’s all coming together but I’m just being a slag here and there, and then complain when something is left undone.

Hopefully this week will be full off more exciting things, I won’t be as tired and I won’t fall behind even more with my uni work! Fingers crossed… have an awesome day xxx





Barcelona was …well nice BUT didn’t quite live up to my expectations! :/ I still can’t tell you exactly what went wrong there, but it just felt off.

It was warm, sunny, busy …typical big city. Full of tourists too. Oh, on the day we went, a Sunday, they were also protesting for independence. Tbh maybe it was the fact we only went there for a few hours and we had to quickly go see this and go see that, which probably made the whole experience not as nice for me. It just felt really rushed. It’s like trying to see London in 5 hours – it simply can’t happen.

I’m going to stop complaining now because the city is really beautiful. It definitely seems like a place I’d love to call ‘home’, which is why I’ll definitely give it another chance and go back next year hopefully. However, I’m planning to stay in the city so I could explore and see more of it.

Sagrada Família seemed like the busiest place …Jesus and I thought oxford street was busy. This place is madness. No wonder locals complain about it. I know for a lot of people it’s something unseen before and they find it magnificent and what not but for me tbh it was just …a building. I didn’t even feel like going inside. I probably would’ve got anxiety either way, as it was too busy (could’ve been because it was Sunday).

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetimg_0717

We went to the Botanical garden for lunch, and even tho we had a car, we still had to climb a hill …it was a bit of a challenge in the (almost) 30 degrees weather 😅 It was beautiful there! I didn’t take any pictures tho because at that point everyone was complaining that I’d been on my phone the whole day (I was guilty, have to admit). I said to myself ‘I might as well enjoy my time here and be present rather than on my phone. I’ve taken enough photos’ .

We went to Camp Nou as well. And guess what… me, who bare in mind doesn’t even watch football, was contemplating spending €100 on a Piqué tshirt. I really was! then my mum said to me ‘we’ll go shopping tomorrow and you’ll forget about this tshirt quickly’ …and I did LOL well I still found it online, and I could easily order it, sooo I still haven’t let go of the thought of that shirt. Let’s see if i get it eventually.




Tarragona Old Town

As promised, a separate post for Tarragona’s Old Town, which was absolutely amazing! I’d probably move there, if I had the chance – get a small cute apartment with a balcony and buy a Vespa that would help go places, considering how narrow the streets are. Sounds like a dream! 🤞🏼 

The Old Town wasn’t really as busy, but there were a lot of cute cafés and pizzerias and small family restaurants. Although, I noticed a lot of people had bought/brought lunch or snack and were having it on the stairs in front of the Tarragona Cathedral. Of course, there was also many small stores where you could get souvenirs from. Definitely recommend, in case you’re visiting Tarragona! 


Totally in love with Tarragona

Hello everyone, i’m finally back from my sunny Spanish escape and I can share photos with you! As I said in the previous post, our relatives live in a small town very close to Tarragona, so getting there was very quick and easy. The day we went it was sunny and warm, but not too much, so strolling around was definitely nice! You can see below two pictures I took while we were walking down the main street. I just want to say I absolutely loved Tarragona’s vibe 😍

Even though I like exploring and doing tourist-y things, I don’t think I’m an ideal tourist. I do take a lot of pictures, but quite frankly I almost never stop to read what the sign says. This results in me not knowing what I’ve taken a picture of and having to google it afterwards using some weird phrases, such as “tarragona monument main street” etc … you get my idea 😂 This was the case with the Castellers monument, which you see below.

I had heard before about a ‘human tower’ but little did I know it was actually called castell, which in Catalan means castle. Castells are traditionally built during festivals, and depending on how many people are involved, there are different terms regarding their number, the base of the tower, etc. They originated in a town in the province of Tarragona some long time ago. Today, they’ve been declared by UNESCO as cultural heritage… see I didn’t know any of this, but thankfully Wikipedia exists and you can read more about it on there. It’s quite interesting actually, and I’d definitely be really excited to see a castell in person. 

When you get to the end of the main street, there is a gorgeous view of the sea! I mean so gorgeous I kept on taking picture from different angles but honestly you have to be there to see it, a photo simply can’t capture how breath taking it is (I promise you I’m not exaggerating).

So I told my mum that when she takes a picture, she actually needs to take like 3-4 so the person can choose which one they like…well guess what?! she decided to keep her finger on the snap button and would take like 10-15 pictures of me at all times, so this is my “okay thats enough now can you stop?” face LOL

After this, we went to Tarragona’s old town, which was absolutely beautiful and I loved it so much I took a bunch a pictures, so I’ll make a separate post about it. After the old town, we went all the way back and ended up in Sephora 😇 I had to get some of those masks they make, and it turned out not to be an actual Sephora store. It was more like a pop up shop in the shopping centre so the choice was quite limited too (sadly for me and fortunately for my bank account 🙃). 

See you in the next post! Have a lovely Sunday xo