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if you want to see what goes through my mind on a daily basis, follow me on my twitter account @princessvennie 💘 I chat about lots of things including tv shows, food, how men are complete trash, the white supremacist nazi gathering that is happening right now in Charlottesville and much more. i tend to retweet more than actually tweet but if you’re keen on it, follow me. i may as well follow you back even tho i tend to be picky with who i follow 🌚


my instagram profile is my creative space which is why you may find out i delete pics or reupload them, basically I’d do whatever I feel like in order to make my feed look the way I want it at that particular moment. and I think everyone should do it too – be creative, don’t settle for whatever other people may like, be you, which is also why I don’t really follow trends. like I may or may not add a hashtag in my caption, it depends on the moment but I wouldn’t do it just to boost my post’s popularity (in fact I think in some cases too many hashtags can ruin a nice photo so be careful with those if you ask me). on insta you can find me @venniemihaylova


more Paris shots

heya, it’s been a while but here are some more paris shots! 📸🌸 btw I cannot believe that it’s july now… where has time gone?! I’m really excited because I’m going on holiday soon to bulgaria and I’ll see my mum and dog 😍💗 anyway, enjoy the photos and I’ll be back soon with an update! x

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my favourite instagrammers

instagram is a big part of most people’s lives nowadays, mine including. i personally find it v artsy as i think apart from your photo journal, instagram could be a a great way to express your creativity and the way you see the world.

now, a lot of people once they follow someone they just keep on following them and that’s it. i’m not like this however. i follow and unfollow people all the time because for me it’s important that i feel good and inspired if i’m going to spend a lot of my day scrolling through instagram. sometimes i follow accounts because i genuinely like them and their content and after a while i no longer like what that account is posting. it’s like we’ve had a fall out, which is totally normal. sometimes i also follow people even if i only like a few photos, thinking that their content has potential but they don’t always live up to my expectations. other times, i refollow the accounts that i’ve unfollowed and i fall in love with them all over again.

i think everyone should clear up their following list every once in awhile. we have to be picky with who we choose to follow because at the end of the day whether we’d like to admit it or not, the people and accounts we follow do affect us, and it’s definitely better if they affect us in a positive way😊

here are some of my favourite insta accounts:


i absolutely love all  of these girls’ feeds 💛 so if if you follow me, you’ll notice i pretty much like every photo they post. i like that they post different and colourful photos but within the same colour scheme so even though their photos are taken at different locations etc they manage to keep them in one style mainly. this inspires me to maintain my own feed better as well and to make more effort when i take/edit photos.

who are your favourite instagrammers? xx


a short trip to paris beginning of june is exactly what one needs if you want to experience paris’s beauty but not the hot weather. and this is what i did! here’s some beauty from the parisian streets:

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here is me enjoying the fact that i’ll have a beautiful picture taken with the lovely flowers above me:


this is the absolutely stunning sunset from my friend’s apartment. these pictures have not been edited the tiniest bit because they need no filter:


more pictures soon x



pura vita drinks

hella hello everyone,

today i’m writing about something that is very dear to me 💕 i’m currently working on a project which cause is quite important. Pura Vita drinks is a new vegan organic brand of healthy drinks that are antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and an immunity booster. their main ingredients are turmeric and ginger that have! 

our team is currently running a campaign in order to raise funds for us to launch pura vita on the market! we have set up a facebook page, an instagram and twitter profiles and we’re doing our best to spread a word about it!

in case you’re interested in what pura vita is all about, check out the campaign here! i promise you it’s a delicious blend of healthiness! contributions even as little as £10 are greatly appreciated, and if you’ve decided to be more generous and donate more we have some perks awaiting you!

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the book i’m currently reading

hello, haven’t been on here for a bit but i’m alive! i’ve actually just returned from a short trip to paris(took lots of pictures that i’m going to share), i’m back to work, and i’m also working on another project on the side (there’s a post coming up about it).

as a quick update, i just wanted to share with you the book that i’ve been reading the past few weeks. see, i love reading and i have so.many.books. piled at my place waiting for me to read them. i just keep buying and buying and i’m a firm believer that books are one of the greatest things to spend money on. 💗 i got Guapa by Saleem Haddad i’d say like 2 weeks ago maybe, and so far i’ve read more than half of it. the past year, i’ve started reading only when i’m travelling – on the train to work, or for instance when i went to paris, on a plane, in a car etc. i don’t know why but i can’t just lay in my bed and read. it’s not the same.

as much as i tried not to mention anything specific, bare in mind that i’ll be talking about the story of the book, so if you’re planning to read it and hate spoilers, and don’t wanna risk it, stop reading here x

so this book is about something that i still think is a bit taboo to talk about, and this is homosexuality in Islam. since i’m neither gay, nor Muslim i can’t really relate to the story and say what’s true and what isn’t, but i can definitely say the book is quite eye-opening. it just shows us a different side of this world. a side that some of us choose to deny and/or ignore, but it’s true nevertheless – there are many gay people who also happen to be Muslim. some of my Muslim friends have told me, and i’ve also seen it on social media that the two (homosexuality and Islam) are mutually exclusive. but i guess for some people this is everyday life, its reality, and i think it’s quite harsh to deny somebody’s reality.

the book is kinda easy to read. i say ‘kinda’ because on one side it’s easy to read because the story flows very easily and where there’s no dialogue, the descriptions are not dry and boring. on the other side, if you’re truly into the book, you get to experience the main character’s troubles – that is not easy. him, feeling confused and lost and lonely because he has no one to turn to etc. definitely won’t make you feel happy but as i said it’s eye-opening. it shows you what some people out there get to experience.

i still haven’t finished the story but i’m sure there’ll either be a happy ending or a great lesson learnt, so i’m excited to keep reading. i definitely do recommend it if you feel like experiencing someone else’s life, which would potentially broaden your horizons.

i’ll update you once i’ve finished the book to let you know if i’m happy with the ending.

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strolling around london

today started with a brunch at le pain quotidien near oxford st. i had a soya latte, orange juice and organic porridge with honey and banana.


after this me and my friend strolled around and ofc i had to take pictures as it was a beautiful sunny day and pictures looked amazing! oxford st and regent’s st were both quite busy as usual. after this we went to regent’s park and watched some people play volleyball while enjoying the sun. it got to the point where now i have a headache and i’m not feeling well but oh well it was worth it.


hamsa and why-you-should-keep-your-opinion-to-yourself story time

Story time! so i went back home to bulgaria at the end of april and i got a tattoo there. i got a hamsa, or the hand of fatima (it has many names tbh i don’t know which one you’ve heard of). i went to the studio with my friends and i showed the tattoo artist a picture of what i wanted to get. bare in mind, this was a tattoo i’d wanted to get for a while, so i had researched what it meant and symbolised within different faiths/cultures etc etc. and the guy said he could do it, told me to wait 10 minutes so he could sketch it etc (it’s a small tattoo). i went back and he asked me where i wanted to get it and as we agreed about the spot, he said ‘are you sure you want to get this tattoo? you know it’s a Muslim tattoo?’ and in my mind i was like ‘excuse me? wtf? shut up idiot’ but i went like ‘no, it’s not and yes i’m sure’. then he told me that a few days before that he had another girl getting a hamsa tattoo and she was Muslim. and so we kind got into an argument (not an actual argument but you could tell that i strongly disagreed with him) and i said that it was not a ‘Muslim’ tattoo only; that they had it in different cultures etc; and that most importantly i’d read about it before deciding to get it in the first place.

now, what bothers me in general is ‘why the hell do you care?’ i’m paying you to do it, so you do it. don’t ask me if i’m sure. if i’ve come to the point where i’m at your studio asking you to do this tattoo for me, this clearly means that i’m sure. ALSO is it your body? no. are you going to wear this tattoo? no. moreover, even if it was a Muslim tattoo …again. I AM the one wearing it.

also x2, it was clear that he didn’t know much about the meaning of the tattoo. he assumed that it was a ‘Muslim’ tattoo only, as he had a customer getting it who happened to be Muslim.

to sum up, please if something doesn’t concern you personally, keep your opinion to yourself. moreover, if you don’t know much about a certain topic, again keep your opinion to yourself, otherwise you look silly.

here’s my tattoo an hour after it was just done:

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now it’s all healed and pretty, my ‘Muslim’ tattoo. i’m so so so happy i got it!