Tarragona Old Town

As promised, a separate post for Tarragona’s Old Town, which was absolutely amazing! I’d probably move there, if I had the chance – get a small cute apartment with a balcony and buy a Vespa that would help go places, considering how narrow the streets are. Sounds like a dream! 🤞🏼 

The Old Town wasn’t really as busy, but there were a lot of cute cafés and pizzerias and small family restaurants. Although, I noticed a lot of people had bought/brought lunch or snack and were having it on the stairs in front of the Tarragona Cathedral. Of course, there was also many small stores where you could get souvenirs from. Definitely recommend, in case you’re visiting Tarragona! 


Totally in love with Tarragona

Hello everyone, i’m finally back from my sunny Spanish escape and I can share photos with you! As I said in the previous post, our relatives live in a small town very close to Tarragona, so getting there was very quick and easy. The day we went it was sunny and warm, but not too much, so strolling around was definitely nice! You can see below two pictures I took while we were walking down the main street. I just want to say I absolutely loved Tarragona’s vibe 😍

Even though I like exploring and doing tourist-y things, I don’t think I’m an ideal tourist. I do take a lot of pictures, but quite frankly I almost never stop to read what the sign says. This results in me not knowing what I’ve taken a picture of and having to google it afterwards using some weird phrases, such as “tarragona monument main street” etc … you get my idea 😂 This was the case with the Castellers monument, which you see below.

I had heard before about a ‘human tower’ but little did I know it was actually called castell, which in Catalan means castle. Castells are traditionally built during festivals, and depending on how many people are involved, there are different terms regarding their number, the base of the tower, etc. They originated in a town in the province of Tarragona some long time ago. Today, they’ve been declared by UNESCO as cultural heritage… see I didn’t know any of this, but thankfully Wikipedia exists and you can read more about it on there. It’s quite interesting actually, and I’d definitely be really excited to see a castell in person. 

When you get to the end of the main street, there is a gorgeous view of the sea! I mean so gorgeous I kept on taking picture from different angles but honestly you have to be there to see it, a photo simply can’t capture how breath taking it is (I promise you I’m not exaggerating).

So I told my mum that when she takes a picture, she actually needs to take like 3-4 so the person can choose which one they like…well guess what?! she decided to keep her finger on the snap button and would take like 10-15 pictures of me at all times, so this is my “okay thats enough now can you stop?” face LOL

After this, we went to Tarragona’s old town, which was absolutely beautiful and I loved it so much I took a bunch a pictures, so I’ll make a separate post about it. After the old town, we went all the way back and ended up in Sephora 😇 I had to get some of those masks they make, and it turned out not to be an actual Sephora store. It was more like a pop up shop in the shopping centre so the choice was quite limited too (sadly for me and fortunately for my bank account 🙃). 

See you in the next post! Have a lovely Sunday xo

Greetings from Cataluña 🇪🇸

Hola everyone! I’m on holiday in Spain and it’s absolutely amazing 😍 Coming here was definitely something I’d wanted to do for a while and I love it so much that I think I must’ve probably been Spanish in a previous life. I love the food, the music, the people, the atmosphere. We’re visiting family who live in Salou, a small town close to Tarragona. We went there the other day and it was great, unlike Barcelona, which didn’t really live up to my expeditions. I’ve taken lots of photos that I’ll post once I’m back from this holiday and until then I’ll be enjoying the sun and warm weather. I hope October kicked off in a great way for you, it sure did for me ✌🏼

the beauty of change


Change is never easy, even for the people who love it, but there is so much beauty to it. Lately, I’ve felt stuck with where I am (mainly work wise) and I want to move on to new and better things. The idea of that obviously excites me a lot, but leaving my job and moving to something else means leaving some great people behind. I know that of course I can keep in touch with them and meet up regularly but no matter what it’s not going to be same as seeing them everyday. In a way, they become family 💘 

I did find a job opportunity that looks very prospective, as it’s fashion related but also related to my degree. I need to apply soon but of course I have to first be at peace with myself about the changes it (this new job) may bring. And I know I will be soon. 

On the other hand, the thought of change just sparkles so many ideas in my head. I get to think about all the new people I’d meet, the places I’d go to, the new things I’d learn how to do. And then there are the many opportunities that this change could lead it.

Now that uni is getting closer too, the thought of changing something in my life, whatever it may be, is not so much scary as it is just looong… and dragging. In my third year I want to focus on achieving the best results possible, not having to think and stressing about something else. But then again I guess if I’m more optimistic and positive about the whole thing, it will all be fine 🌟

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


Heya, this is a quick post with random photos from this summer. Now that uni time is getting closer and closer, I get to think about the summer I’ve had. Tbf my summer was great, thanks to my amazing friends and a very special someone 💘 it was filled with lots of different but great emotions – facing up things I was trying not to, opening to people I didn’t expect and creating special bonds, finding a best friend and more, eating tons of food, oh my god the food 😍, being shown a massive amount of love, and  taking soooo many pictures!

Couldn’t stay away from this filter, but can you blame me??? It’s so cute! Below: we have two pictures from a very special night with a very special person blessed with a beautiful soul, she’s an absolute darling💘


Btw the amount of coffee I’ve had this summer is insane but my love for coffee has grown even more now! 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

And last but not least, on the left you have me at the ladies bathroom somewhere in Paris, and on the right – a Cesar salad and a margarita 🍸🥗


IMG_4063Beautiful sunset at Primrose Hill

I was feeling sick that day but me and a friend of mine still went Westfield and I did a bit of damage buuuuut just a little bit (both money and health wise ha!)
Another sunset photo, this time captured at Piccadilly Circus
Pocket Kim Wisdom, a book I found at a bookstore when we went to Westfield. Totally relate to this one!

More Paris shots

Heya, it’s been a while but here are some more Paris shots! 📸 I cannot believe that it’s july now… where has time gone?! I’m really excited because I’m going on holiday soon to Bulgaria and I’ll see my mum and dog. I’ve missed both of them so much even though it’s been just a couple of months. 💗 Enjoy the photos and I’ll be back soon with an update! x

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My favourite instagrammers

Instagram is a big part of most people’s lives nowadays, mine including. I personally find it very artsy as i think apart from your photo journal, instagram could be a a great way to express your creativity and the way you see the world.

Now, a lot of people once they follow someone they just keep on following them and that’s it. i’m not like this however. i follow and unfollow people all the time because for me it’s important that i feel good and inspired if i’m going to spend a lot of my day scrolling through instagram. sometimes i follow accounts because i genuinely like them and their content and after a while i no longer like what that account is posting. it’s like we’ve had a fall out, which is totally normal. sometimes i also follow people even if i only like a few photos, thinking that their content has potential but they don’t always live up to my expectations. other times, i refollow the accounts that i’ve unfollowed and i fall in love with them all over again.

I think everyone should clear up their following list every once in awhile. we have to be picky with who we choose to follow because at the end of the day whether we’d like to admit it or not, the people and accounts we follow do affect us, and it’s definitely better if they affect us in a positive way😊

Here are some of my favourite insta accounts:

B86D1AE3-78BA-4FD8-A860-99D102A3ACD3 9313A447-776B-46C5-9B48-9D7876A4F5CDD0759AB8-F43B-47AB-AC23-12CC47BEB28A 4076A8E6-E4AB-48D4-8941-3E6D807D5763BB52CCFF-A45E-4C60-B690-ACADC6AF7095 22636815-7134-4E38-AACC-67BEBBC61B40

I absolutely love all  of these girls’ feeds 💛 so if if you follow me, you’ll notice i pretty much like every photo they post. i like that they post different and colourful photos but within the same colour scheme so even though their photos are taken at different locations etc they manage to keep them in one style mainly. this inspires me to maintain my own feed better as well and to make more effort when i take/edit photos.

Who are your favourite instagrammers? x


A short trip to Paris beginning of June is exactly what one needs if you want to experience Paris’s beauty but not the hot weather. And this is what i did! Here’s some beauty from the Parisian streets:

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Here is me enjoying the fact that i’ll have a beautiful picture taken with the lovely flowers above me:

This is the absolutely stunning sunset from my friend’s apartment. These pictures have not been edited the tiniest bit because they need no filter:

IMG_3292IMG_3293IMG_3295More pictures soon x