Being off from work means having a lay in… or more like sleeping until 1pm LOL I have been so tired lately that no amount of sleep seems to be enough, and even tho today I slept so late, and I’m having my second coffee right now (at 5pm) I would easily fall asleep if i was to go to bed right now. I don’t know what is actually happening … should I be worried? 🙈 I was thinking of starting to take iron tablets again to see if that will fix the problem.

Life lately has been one big routine and that’s about it. After submitting all my assignemnts and projects, and while waiting for the results to come out, I just sort of devoted myself to work only. I feel like maybe I kind of needed something like this, but now I’m craving doing other things as well. I have this vision of how I want my blog/insta feed to look like, and while I could easily say I don’t have time, the truth is I’m just not feeling it … as weird as it sounds, sometimes I want to do something, but I don’t have the will to do it LOL Hopefully some inspiration will strike soon ✨

Got out of bed, took a shower and off to Sainsburry’s to get some food … quickly got a double espresso from the local café, which for whatever reason makes way better coffee than most big retailers, but is less expensive. Whenever you get the chance to, support your local markets/cafés ♡

150896e5-70fb-4b13-8ad9-68094253a56cThe things my snapchat friends see 🙈

Looking at this avocado in the photo now makes me want to go prepare an avocado toast asap, but I might as well wait for dinner … I always do this where I ruin my dinner by having late afternoon snacks and when I wake up the next morning I’m starving. This is how, kids, one ruins their meal regime, 0/10 would recommend.

Right now I’m sipping on some orange juice and catching up on some things that I’ve been missing out on lately, before doing a hairmask and a facemask … isn’t this what days off are supposed to be about? Pampering yourself as much as possible ♡♡♡




april/may 2018 random shots

Here are some random shots I’ve taken throughout May, some of them are in my insta, so if you follow me there, you might’ve seen them already. If not, follow me here 😇

I swear blossoming trees are my favourite 💞

everyday make-up essentials: anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance palette / too faced born this way fdt / the ordinary face primerkiko milano mascara / NYX lip liner and lip cream in the shade berlin

random city shots. i was playing around with some new photography apps i’ve downloaded

on the left – a birthday party but i only let myself have a couple of drinks because i had work the next day. this in the picture is bolshoi punch cocktail, which i’m not gonna lie, i only ordered because of the word ‘bolshoi‘ in it, and because it had vodka LOL, and on the right – a burrito night with my beloved friend who i’d missed a lot

wild at heart

This florist is definitely a must-see when in London! It’s in North Kensington, so trust me, everything around this place is beautiful!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

I cannot believe I’ve finished and submitted all my assignments for third year, and my uni time is close to an end. My graduation is in July, and after that who knows what happens!!!

The last two weeks of having to do uni work were absolutely crazy, and because I started a new job, which I was planning to share with you, but never did, I was not twice but thrice as stressed LOL I was barely active on my insta, and not at all on here, which I’m sorry for, but sadly at that time my blog was the last thing I thought about 😞

I was going to write a new post, and then suddenly found this post in my drafts, so I decided to share these pictures with you as well! My life is still so busy, but at least I don’t have essays and projects to worry about anymore, so I get to go out with friends pretty much every evening, or on the days I’m off. Literally I need a few days just on my own, but everyone is texting me to meet up, and I’ve missed all my friends so much that I can’t just say no!

affordable beauty

Hi everyone, how is everyone’s week going so far? Mine has been hectic, as I’ve been working on something very exciting, and of course, trying to juggle between that all of my uni responsibilities has been quite challenging but what’s new?! I’m not going to complain tho, because I’d been very excited for things to be the way they are right now!

My post on affordable fashion inspired me to do a post on drugstore makeup that is, of course, good quality! Just because we choose affordably, it doesn’t mean we should compromise on quality! I’ve chosen my 5 favourite products that are all under £10, but are nonetheless great!


Starting with the EYES, we have the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer … oh my god! An absolute lifesaver! Do you even need any other concealer when you have this? No! Seriously tho, this is one is amazing, the coverage is really good, it lasts pretty much all day, and you don’t even need that much product when trying to cover whatever you’re trying to cover … sweet!

For mascara, my favourite would have to be Kiko Milano Luxurious Lashes Maxi Brush Mascara. It makes the lashes look longer, thicker and adds more volume.

Moving onto FACEThe Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer  makes your makeup stay on all day, and makes the skin feel hydrated and soft. Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powderperfectly sets everything in place.

Last but not least – LIPSNYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi, which is my favourite shade but last time I went to buy it, it was sold out. So I bought Berlin, which is way darker but it’s been a nice change…. you can expect only from me to start wearing dark colours in spring LOL

BONUS: NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray


Week 16 is kicking in, you guys! Hopefully, it’ll be a positive and productive one for all of us. 🤞🏻 This is what my morning looked like yesterday. Met up with a friend at Columbia Road Flower MarketAs we went there around 11:30am, the market was packed! So of course, I was like ‘let’s go get food’ … I really don’t like people walking slowly, stopping in the middle of the road/pavement or bumping into me – it’s an absolute no no from me, so brunch time it was!
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
We had brunch (well I did, my friend had only coffee) at Jones Dairy Cafe. I kept it simple – double espresso, toast, butter & jam, and orange juice, as I didn’t want to overeat. The orange juice, freshly squeezed and with bits – my favourite, was served in a glass bottle, which I’d never seen before and I thought was super cool, so I definitely had to take a photo with it … you know me!

After that, we went back to the market, it was still packed … I wanted to have a photo taken in front of some flower display, and then a woman bumped into me, so eager to buy some flower that it completely put me off from staying there. Everyone was shouting about the prices of the flowers/plants, seriously, it was like they were bidding LOL At that point it seemed annoying and frustrating, now when I think about it, it’s funny. We went to Kensington after this and took some photos there, but this is a post for another time, as I need to go now! Have a great Monday everyone! xo

favourite bloggers

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.59.19Kenza is definitely my favourite fashion blogger. In my opinion, she is a fashion chameleon and can adopt every style – formal, casual, sports wear; sexy, edgy, more natural looks. Apart from her style, she stands out from the rest because she is really open and honest with her readers, approaching even more sensitive/personal topics. She is very inspiring for a bunch of reasons, including the fact that she started from nothing, as in, her blog was her hobby and just a personal space on the internet where she’d share stuff, however, now it has become her full-time job and helped her develop her other business, which is the online clothing store Ivy Revel. Nevertheless, her success hasn’t changed her. She is just as genuine, as she used to be before.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.00.53Angelica blogs from lovely Stockholm (just like Kenza) and offers her readers not only outfit posts but a lot of travel related ones. She travels all around the world, so on her blog you can find a lot of pictures from different beautiful places, and get inspired to book a vacation. Her style, I’d say, is more laid-back with a little touch up, which could be either something edgy, a designer bag or a fur coat. In my opinion, she is the queen when it comes to spicing up a casual outfit, making it look not as plain. I do find her style similar to another Swedish blogger’s, Fanny Lyckman, and I also think they look alike a lot, however Fanny’s style, compared to Angelica’s, is even more laid-back, almost sporty. The other side of Fanny’s is edgy, absolutely edgy. Whereas Angelica balances two styles in one outfit, Fanny (usually) goes with just one of them.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.03.07

Marianna is more on the classy/casual side; you won’t see her pulling edgy outfits or experimenting with new hair colours, etc. From her blog, you can get a lot of interior design inspiration, as well. Along with fashion, she blogs about everyday lifestyle, travelling and beauty. She has everything on her blog, even though the main focus is on fashion/outfits. I think my favourite thing to see on her blog is her cute dog, Minnie, along with all the designer bags, of course 😍

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.04.43Negin is a world-famous fashion blogger, who has collaboraed with many brands, such as Dior, L’Oreal, D&G and Lancôme, etc. As well as that, she gets to see Fashion Week from the first row of many shows in the fashion capitals. As far as her style is concerned, I can’t really describe it with one word only, apart from maybe … versatile. Even though at first sight they are are feminine and elegant, they are never the same. She always surprises me with her outfits. One thing I really love about her is the make-up looks she adopts – they are always on the nude/natural side, which makes her look really fresh and young.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.06.42

I have been following Inga for about two years now, so not as long as the others, but she quickly became a favourite of mine. Her style is very feminine and elegant, and even though it is not my style, I love all of her outfits. She has an adorable son, who is also featured in her blog quite frequently. She lived in London for a few years, and there are plenty of London related posts on her blog, which I absolutely love. Her photos are always amazing, but I’m not surprised as she has taken a photography course. Now this is called dedication …

A Friday well-spent

Happy Monday everyone! To all the Bulgarians (or other people) who were celebrating Easter yesterday – Happy Easter! I hope you had a nice weekend. I have a long and exciting day ahead but let me tell you about my Friday last week before I tell you about what I’m doing today …

Me and a friend of mine went to the famous Élan café in Knightsbridge. And it was quite the experience – it was beautiful and the food was delicious, and perfect for photos as you can see below. To be honest, everything in the café is instagrammable – even if you take a photo in front of a plain wall there, it’ll still look great, and I’m not exaggerating.


We had brunch, and of course, we started from the desert! I had an espresso with pistachio and rose cake, she had a flat white with cheesecake caramel macadamia; later on, we ordered a tasting board. I recommend the tasting board, it was quite good!


Of course, I had to take a photo in front of the flower display.  I wish me and my friend had booked a table in advance or at least asked to be seated there once we arrived, but it’s okay – this is just another excuse to go back 🙏🏼 It was a lovely experience, the café is very lively, the staff are great, and food – delicious. Just be prepared to wait in the queue for about 20 minutes!

P.S. We actually first went to the Park Lane one, but the queue there seemed to be too long, we waited for about 10 minutes, and then I thought if we went to the other location, as it was bigger, we wouldn’t have to wait too long. 10 minutes later we were there and we still had to wait, but it was worth it, I’ll give it that!


Jacket: Mango
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Longchamp
Sunglasses: Hawkers


Later we walked outside in the sunny weather and took some pictures around the area. Absolutely stunning lighting! We took some selfies that I didn’t even want to edit in any way because they already looked so damn well! Moral of the story: always take advantage of the great weather in London!

Today I’m actually starting a new job! Exciting times! Wish me luck. Have a great day xo