Current situation

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’ve all had a great start to the day. I’ll be in class in an hour, and then I have some errands to run, so basically, I’ll be running around like a headless chicken 🙃 Well okay, not a headless chicken because I do know what I’m doing but still it’ll be a busy day. Fingers crossed for me everything goes well!

This is what I got for breakfast yesterday. It was the first time I tried Pret’s acai bowl with almond butter, granola and pomegranate seeds … oh, and this on top is shredded apple. Well, quite frankly it was delicious, however, the almond butter bit was a little too much for me, so I feel like next time I’ll just skip it…

This is what the current situation looks like. A big ass late with 3 shots of espresso for the people-whose-sleep-pattern-is-absolutely-shambles 🙃 and I’m trying to finish up something that is due on Friday … two things actually. You know how the university life is, I’m not going to further complain and put myself down. I hope you all have a great day ✌🏼

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EX1 fdt review

Good morning everyone! I wish you a wonderful new week, hopefully, it will be warmer and sunnier here in London, and also not as hectic on public transport 🙏🏼Remember that the whole concept of Monday’s being awful is just in your head, so if you begin your day with a positive mindset, you won’t care what day of the week it is. I am working on a post on how to be more positive/start your day in a positive way, so hopefully, this will be up soon, and you’ll find my tips helpful.

Now, I’m actually writing this post to let you know what I think of this new foundation that I bought last week. I’ve used it a couple of times, so I feel like I can give a first-impression-review. I’m talking about the brand EX1 Cosmetics, which is actually created for olive-skinned women, and those with darker skin tones. I am Bulgarian, and I’ve always been considered more on the darker side, as some Bulgarians are quite light and pale, so I’d say I have olive skin. My skin tone changes a lot tho, I tan a lot and very quickly, so I usually need a foundation that adapts to my skin tone … well, obviously unless I’m so tanned I need to buy a completely different shade, which actually happened to me when I came back from Spain. Another thing that I feel like whenever I go to a store to have someone find my shade is that they almost always end up giving me a foundation that has pink undertones, and I have yellow undertones. It’s really frustrating tbh, and I’ve had to return products before because of this.

The EX1 foundation, I use shade 5.0, matched my skin tone perfectly. I wasn’t sure if I would be 4.0 or 5.0, but eventually, I went for the 5.0 and I’m glad I did because I feel like the 4.0 would’ve been too light on my neck. The coverage is sort of light to medium, I would say. It’s definitely not full-coverage, but you can build it up, which I do, especially when I have spots/scars I want to cover up. The consistency is not very runny, so I think it’s good to have your skin well moisturised underneath, otherwise, you might end up with your skin looking patchy. Make sure you use the right moisturiser/primer for your skin type. And also, as I said the consistency is not very runny, so if you have combination/oily skin and you use heavy moisturiser, your makeup might turn out cakey.

It is paraben, oil and fragrance-free. I feel like it is the fragrance that is the worst for sensitive skin, as it irritates it. The EX1 fdt is also anti-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog your pores, so you shouldn’t be getting blackheads from it.

I used it first with a stippling brush but found out that the foundation was not spreading out evenly on my face, so it took way longer than compared to the day after when I used a beauty blender. I have the Real Techniques one, which I absolutely love with its flat edge that is perfect for around the nose area. The foundation comes with a pump, which is my favourite, as you don’t waste the product. I use about 2 pumps for my face and a half for my neck, and I manage to build up the coverage just fine.

I definitely recommend trying it out, if you want to leave the full-coverage foundations behind for now, as (hopefully) spring is approaching and it gets warmer (Amen!). It is quite affordable, just £12.50 at Boots, so definitely it is a good-quality bargain, I’d say.

xxx Vennie

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are mine and mine only.


Morning routine (winter edition)


Hey guys,
Happy 1st of March! The weather in London is so ready for spring … #beastfromtheeast 🙃 The cold weather and the fact that my immune system tends to be whack most of the time is why I’m doing this post. I wanted to share with you what I usually have in the morning so that I’m a bit more energised and don’t fall sick every time I go outside.

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t been eating healthy at all lately. I haven’t been sleeping well, I’ve been meaning to sign up for the gym for the past 2 months now and I still haven’t … so how exactly do I expect my immune system to not be bad? This is when I need to find other ways to make sure my health journey doesn’t go dark again.

Every morning (and sometimes evening too), I drink 20 drops of propolis mixed with 50ml of milk. Propolis, also known as bee glue, is famous for boosting your health immunity. Its immunomodulatory and antitumor properties have a positive effect on the antibody production on different cells in the immune system. This helps you fight colds, flu, and different viruses. I always make sure to use non-dairy milk, as I get a stomachache from dairy milk. Right now I’m trying out oat milk, but I believe soon I’ll change to rice milk, as rice milk is the least allergenic one, and I still haven’t found exactly what it is that I may be allergic to. Also, non-dairy milk is packed with different vitamins, protein, fibre, etc.

In the picture, the propolis that I am using is from Bulgaria, where we also call it клеева тинктура.

The other two things that I usually do in the mornings are golden milk and/or hot water with lemon and honey. I will do a separate post on those. Hope you’ve all had a great and warm day!


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my second home


Hi everyone, so if you don’t know yet … Wednesday’s are the days I usually spend at the library. Okay, quite frankly I did exaggerate a bit with the title of this post, but honestly, I was there for 4 hours straight, and after that i had a class. One good thing that’s happened this week is that I’ve received the feedback for my dissertation draft and it is great, they said it was great. You can’t imagine the relief i felt when i read that. 😁 This week I’m trying to get ahead of my assignments and I’ve already started working on some of them even though they’re not due until mid-April, nevertheless I want to be sure that I’m on track, and not falling behind and ending up having to do everything in the very last minute (as usual oops).

I have some exciting things happening later on this week, I’ll make sure to post pictures and let you know soon. Meanwhile, I’m trying to find a PR/marketing internship and/or graduate placement, and I’ve realised there are soooo many to choose from … all you need to do is polish your CV and prepare your portfolio for the ones you want. I really thought it would be way more difficult than this but it is not (thank God).


I kept it simple today with my makeup look, as I was going to uni, so no need for a full face of makeup… not that I do it often, considering that the rest of the time I’m working, and who wants a full face of makeup at work either?! Foundation, concealerpowder, nude eyeshadow (this is actually the Urban Decay bronzer from the Naked Flushed palette), mascara, eyebrows + this,  and some lip balm… takes 10 minutes tops to do, and you’re ready to go. This is btw my everyday makeup look. Sometimes, if I wake up earlier and have time, I play around with eyeshadows, as I have a few amazing palettes that sadly I don’t use as often. My hair was in a bun on top of my head so it doesn’t bother me, and that’s that.

I’m home now, having some takeaway sushi I got from M&S, I didn’t expect it to be so good, considering it’s not an actual sushi place, but hey I guess you never know.  I started this new show on Netflix that my friend recommended – Mindhunter, it’s quite interesting, especially after I finished Manhunt: Unabomber … I’m really into FBI shows now. If you know any good ones, please let me know xx



the (bulgarian) holiday of wine

Must-have mirror selfie at the library

Many of you are probably celebrating Valentine’s Day today, so Happy Valentine’s to you! You might not know, however, that in my country, Bulgaria, we actually celebrate another holiday instead of/along with Valentine’s Day today. It’s called Trifon Zarezan, and it is essentially the holiday of …drumrolls… everyone’s favourite thing, especially if you live a stressful life … WINE! You could actually read more about it here. I’ll just add that most people celebrate both holidays … if you’re happy and in love, you celebrate it drinking wine; if you’re sad you don’t have a valentine, you drink wine; if you just love wine, you celebrate Trifon Zarezan. So basically there’s no way you’re not going to drink wine on the 14th of February in Bulgaria.

Myself, however, will spend the evening in the library … and there’s no wine business going on. (I’m more of a beer person either way.) This is the life of a third-year university student, who will have no classes whatsoever in just 7 weeks … 😏 I’m getting there, I’m getting there. You, on the other hand, I hope, are celebrating whatever it is that you’re celebrating … I’m sure you’re luckier than me, if you’re not stuck in a library! Happy Wednesday everyone! xxx




Hi everyone, it’s been a while. I’ve mainly been busy with uni and work and trying to get enough sleep while at the same time having a social life 😭 Imagine I actually had to take one week of holiday just so i can catch up with my assignments … the struggle … or should I say the hustle is real LOL

The pictures you see above are from sunday evening, when i went to see my friend in Shoreditch. We met up at Dirty Bones … a lovely cozy place (especially on that cold sunday evening, it was twice as cozy), lovely atmosphere, my cocktail was called Bow Down Peaches 😏 I had mac & cheese and fries as a side … quite the combo, I know, I know. The mac & cheese was delicious and so filling, i had to take breaks when eating it as I found it a bit heavy. I did enjoy what I enjoyed that evening and next morning I had to pay the consequences of being dairy intolerant LOL But oh well, it’s worth it once in a while. I’d really like to find a place in London that offers vegan mac&cheese tho. Let me know if you know of any please!

P.S. This effect going on on both of the photos is from this new photoediting app I found on the app store couple of weeks ago. It’s called Polarr and it has sick effects, definitely check it out and thank me later xx