Hamsa tattoo and why-you-should-keep-your-opinion-to-yourself story time

Story time! So i went back home to Bulgaria at the end of April and i got a tattoo there. i got a hamsa, or the hand of Fatima (it has many names tbh i don’t know which one you’ve heard of). i went to the studio with my friends and i showed the tattoo artist a picture of what i wanted to get. bare in mind, this was a tattoo i’d wanted to get for a while, so i had researched what it meant and symbolised within different faiths/cultures etc etc. and the guy said he could do it, told me to wait 10 minutes so he could sketch it etc (it’s a small tattoo). i went back and he asked me where i wanted to get it and as we agreed about the spot, he said ‘are you sure you want to get this tattoo? you know it’s a Muslim tattoo?’ and in my mind i was like ‘excuse me? shut up idiot’ but i went like ‘no, it’s not and yes i’m sure’. then he told me that a few days before that he had another girl getting a hamsa tattoo and she was Muslim. and so we kind got into an argument (not an actual argument but you could tell that i strongly disagreed with him) and i said that it was not a ‘Muslim’ tattoo only; that they had it in different cultures etc; and that most importantly i’d read about it before deciding to get it in the first place.

Now, what bothers me in general is why he cared in the first place as I was paying him to do it. Don’t need to ask me if I’m sure. If i’ve come to the point where i’m at the studio asking to get this tattoo, this clearly means that i’m sure. ALSO is it your body? No. Are you going to wear this tattoo? No. Moreover, even if it was a Muslim tattoo …again. I AM the one wearing it.

Also x2, it was clear that he didn’t know much about the meaning of the tattoo. He assumed that it was a ‘Muslim’ tattoo only, as he had a customer getting it who happened to be Muslim. This is ignorant on so many levels, I feel sorry for the guy.

To sum up, please if something doesn’t concern you personally, keep your opinion to yourself. If you don’t know much about a certain topic, again keep your opinion to yourself, otherwise you look silly.

Here’s my tattoo an hour after it was just done:Processed with VSCO with s2 presetNow it’s all healed and pretty, my ‘Muslim’ tattoo. I’m so so so happy that I got it!


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